Dustless sanding

We have been specialists in floor coverings since 1995. Planchers Mebesa offers you its expertise in the sanding of dust-free floors.

Mebesa, offers you its experience in dust-free floor sanding. We do renovations to refurbish your old floors.

We work on your old hardwood floors, new ones, pre-varnished floors or others.

With dust-free sanding, you can prevent dust from spreading throughout your property or in your ventilation ducts to avoid contamination.

The first sanding is the one that removes the most wood from the surface and therefore, the one that can do the most damage if you are not careful. It is better to entrust your sanding and sanding to experts.

For an absolutely perfect finish, and especially if you stain the floor, we use an orbital sander, this will have the effect of tightening the grain of the wood even more for an even more uniform final result.

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