Hardwood laying and finishing

We have been specialists in flooring since 1995. Planchers Mebesa offers you its expertise in the installation and finishing of hardwood floors.

Installing a hardwood floor requires a lot of care so as not to damage the floor and the finish.

It is possible to replace the broken hardwood floor.

It is better to make a few small incisions with a saw along the length of the floor that you want to remove, without damaging the floor slats. We make holes with a drill to weaken the batten using a chisel. We remove the board and then we remove the tabs. We cut the replacement slat to a precise length.

We cut out the part to be repaired to replace it with a new wooden slat that we glue with wood glue.

Choosing the right varnish ensures good protection for your floor and extends its longevity. The varnishes available on the market do not all offer the same effectiveness, nor the same quality-price ratio. Mebesa uses only high quality products for your floor. It is important to choose a range of high quality products for optimal results.

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